"Truth that is naked is the most beautiful, and the simpler its expression the deeper is the impression it makes."

- http://www.brainpickings.org

Mar 19

"if you have the power to control time, what would you do?"

Mar 13

It is like your mind being on macro mode on a camera, focusing and re-focusing on life as a new year sets in, as 2014 arrives. This macro function seems more powerful as I get older. Unimportant things are being blurred out quickly and significantly without a trace of silhouette. Things deems important should be in your face, one by one being zoomed in and analyzing it. 

2013 has been a year of doubts and weariness. Unsure of what I want and if whatever I am doing is correct. The step to the brand new year offers a clearer view. I clearly don’t know how it works but i reckon a brand new year comes with a sparking new set of mindset. 

I can’t care for the people that don’t respect me. Too little time to waste on things like them that walk on earth. Steps on how to let go: Yawn and walk away? Or, laugh out loud and excuse yourself? It is only a matter of leaving the scene. We all have better things to do. 

One year older what matters and one year wiser and sharper for my mind to judge. 

Hello 2014!

Jan 8
#s0s #super0season glow with me. (at Super 0 Season)
Nov 23

#s0s #super0season glow with me. (at Super 0 Season)

Nov 22
#3dprinted lattice tiles for the upcoming #super0season event! #3dmatters #itspartytime @super0season #s0s (at 3D Matters)
Nov 8

#3dprinted lattice tiles for the upcoming #super0season event! #3dmatters #itspartytime @super0season #s0s (at 3D Matters)

Because brunch cannot be eaten alone.
Aug 19

Because brunch cannot be eaten alone.

"I don’t mean to say mean things. You do it all the time."

- hayden

Jul 29
Bread and coffee.
Jul 29

Bread and coffee.

What is the term for the feeling of not liking it but not hating it? You neither dislike it or like it? The in-betweens? 

I don’t feel as motivated but i still want to get things done. I hate reading up on how-tos. It is like you are admitting that you suck at it and you should read up on other people’s experiences and follow their footsteps. Then again, it is mentioned that all journeys are different and we experience different things so tell me why do we need to read the how-tos? We read it because we need to confirmation or conviction that we are walking on the right path and to relate to the article? I don’t really like to compare. We should do things we do best and in order to do that you need to have the passion. Passion might be a strong word. At least a slight liking to it or even not hate doing it. 

I want alot in my head. I want to achieve plenty everyday. But actions say otherwise. When it is time to get down and do it, I can’t make the baby steps that will lead to the next big step. The people we meet are boring. Fun is out of the question. It is not cool. I don’t like to think this way. I don’t think it is right. 

Sometimes everything is irksome. Sometimes I cannot imagine myself going back to the way it is. 

I am still finding the solutions to the problems. I hope it is soon.

Jul 9
I need a therapist….i think…